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solutions for data scientist

Smart Connect Solutions

If you are looking for a system and powerful team to manage your large data.

Parturient montes

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Smart connect solutions co., ltd.

    Smart connect solutions co., ltd. located in Ayutthaya Thailand. It is my pleasure to put this website together for your viewing. This website will be updated periodically for you to check on the latest news and information on our Smart solutions. I have experience in breeding our solutions for many industrial estates. I hope so It will help you develop or solve your problem.

RFID Data Training Records Control

Displays and protects the machine. If you are not trained in training. Extract data from training database from human resources

Industrial Productions

The RFID Transitions. In the system can check the time of employees. And time of operation To measure UPH…


We have the expert installation team

Experienced team of plant installation directly. have responsibility And accomplishments as planned